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Got my 4th jab on Friday. A Pfizer, to go with my OG Astra-Zeneca and my pair of Modernas. I had pretty strong reactions (chills with violent shivers, big body aches) to the previous 3 doses, but this time, just the mildest hint of a fever. I have, however, slept approximately all weekend! Not even in a feeling-sick kind of a way, just in a sinking-into-the-bed-in-bliss way. Grateful to finally have had the vaccines opened up to the general public.

Good grief. Somehow volunteered to manage social media for our knitters' guild event. Which means I'm suddenly back on twitter, which I really haven't used in a decade. The number of useless notifications and suggestions is staggering. (And this from someone well accustomed to FB/IG.) I'm getting push notifications that someone the account doesn't follow, said something completely unrelated to the interests of the account (or my own interests). Can't shut them off?! Feh.

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Post-provincial-election feels. This tee (designed by my good friend) is about all I can articulate. Incidentally, I have carried a sign with this graphic at a number of protests. I'm not always the most articulate in my disgust.

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Gah. My blood sugar shot way up today and refused to come down. I took SO MUCH insulin, for hours, blaming it on hormones and a carby lunch... Nope. Pump site just started leaking around the cannula. No bent cannula, no drops/tugs on the tubing, just insulin flowing back out around the site. Now having an unplanned fast until things are back under control. If you're not diabetic, please hug your pancreas and thank it for being excellent.

So I'm still new here... I'm seeing a lot of content warnings and sensitive-content photo-hiding on Mastodon, for content that I would not have expected to have warnings anywhere else. Can someone speak the unspoken rules for me? No shade on anyone's practices or sensitivities, I'm just trying to feel out what the culture is here.

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the body count is still going up.

fuck your second amendment bullshit, seriously. forced births so you can murder peoples' babies at school.

yeet this bullshit into a volcano

Maybe I *should* start sending out little snippets of a knitting pattern, just as breadcrumbs to show I'm still around.

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Also, while camping, my father uses his fancy Garmin InReach satellite unit to text us the Latin names of plants he's spotted. We all know to worry if he stops sending texts like "Coptis trifolia" or "Viburnum lantanoides". This is much like me sending him "brk, sl1YO" at odd intervals — opaque in meaning without googling, but charmingly reassuring all the same.

Dad came home from a week in Algonquin with roughly a 10:1 ratio of botanical/macro shots, compared to every other type of photo he took, combined. Lichen and moss look so alien in macro mode. Also beautiful.
Alas, this is a foreshadowing of the many, MANY cases of slides of macro photos lurking in my parents' basement, which I'm going to have to Deal With Someday.

- Trimming my dad's beard after a week of canoe camping left him too stubbly for his electric razor to handle
- Walking around the cemetery across the street with my mom, trying to read the old (German or Dietsch) headstones
- Trying to decode mom's secret burger recipe (breadcrumbs, egg, minced garlic, and lots of cumin, but what else?)
- Pulling out the winter pyjamas that I had only just put away, because brrr!
- Being grateful that my dog sleeps through fireworks

I was a classy, elegant child.

Grandma knit me that teddy bear. It's the second one she knit me, because I complained that the one she'd made when I was born was itchy. She made this one in chenille. COLOURWORK in CHENILLE. That is love, folx.

I still have both bears. The chenille didn't hold up so well over the years; that one is being held together by some baby clothes he's been squeezed into.

I also have the pattern book he's from, and have knit versions of him myself.


Oh, fer the love of goats. Have been working on an event in Ottawa for months... And it just got moved to Waterloo. Scrap all that work and all the (many) sunk costs, start again, and do it in a month flat.
On the other hand, relieved not to have to travel yet, so there's that.

He also has a talk on knitting and spycraft, and really, how cool is that?

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Very sad that this guy is not available to speak at the Knitters' Fair this year. His Knitting Pilgrim work is just astounding. Hope we can get him next year! Meanwhile, pondering other speaker options...

My dog is not entirely sure how to play with humans, so she opens her mouth and lies down. That's it. She will wag her tail hard so you notice. That's the game. Mouth open, wide eyes, wagging tail. And she is so happy with it!

Tonight's inspiration/entertainment: The Ballad of Johnny Langstaff by The Young'Uns. Beautiful music, powerful story of resistance and resilience and social justice.

Goodness. Slept so much today and I could still go back to sleep. Turns out, doing things that are active and social and outdoors after such a long time is wonderful and also freakin' exhausting. Also? The return to knitting again (slowly and gently) has been amazing but definitely also contributes to the pain/exhaustion levels. Thank goodness for no-commitment weekends.

The artist was actually making a pair of these while I was at the market, having sold the other pair... And she just dropped them off at my house now, complete. How's that for service?!

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