I have had the busiest day today of probably the last two years, but I am READY FOR BAND CAMP. After a shower. And... More sleep than I possibly have time for. I sense a car nap in my future.

And on that note, I am done my thanatology course! Sadly Conestoga is not offering any of the next ones in the series this term? Guess I'll check back in in the winter.

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Death/funerals (Everything is fine no one has died) 

It's my feeling that the post-death stuff is for the benefit of the living, so my wishes are "do whatever helps you, alive loved ones" but I'm finding detailed caveats for many possible options about what I would want each one to look like.

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Death/funerals (Everything is fine no one has died) 

This thanatology class has got me thinking about my last wishes for the final assignment, and I went into it thinking I didn't really care about what happens after I die, but it turns out I have a LOT of thoughts about it, actually.

I think I have two modes; drastically overprepared or drastically underprepared, and there is no option in between.

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Does anyone here have experience of running their own email instance?

Would you say it is viable for a non-technical individual to run their own email service?

Do you have any lessons to pass on?

#AskFedi #AskFediverse #AskTheFediverse

It seems like I go through waves and seasons of tinfoil-hattery. Every few months I am deeply tempted to just quit the internet and never store any data on a computer that is not in my house.

...I should probably just get a VPN.

I have been here house-sitting on my own for 8 days now and it just occurred to me THIS AFTERNOON that I could be playing music out loud in the house THIS WHOLE TIME. What a missed opportunity. Better run it constantly for the last day to make up for it.

I'm not sure if Daisy has warmed up to me as she gets used to me, or there is something specifically about the grocery store samosas that I am eating, but where mostly she has ignored me all week, right now she DESPERATELY NEEDS this samosa.

Dear dogs, if you wake me at four AM to let you out and I get up and do so, it is supremely bad manners to still take a dump on the floor afterwards.

Strongly considering putting on loud white noise while I go to sleep tonight. After having spent the last couple of nights being woken by the dogs at multiple ridiculous hours, on reflection I would rather clean poop off the kitchen floor in the morning.

I am thoroughly enjoying looking after these dogs, and they are very sweet, but also it is reminding me that dogs, especially elderly dogs, are a LOT of work.

I just wrote an APA citation for a podcast and it feels weird.

I'm taking care of a pair of ancient Weiner dogs this week, and so much of their behaviour is explained by assuming that at least one of them is deaf as a stump.

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it is helpful to take notes when you’re in a meeting

A humbling experience to remind me that I am not a genius: Having to google the type of faucet for instructions on how to turn on the shower.

Self discovery: while I don't really talk out loud to myself very often, even when alone, I will talk animatedly and at length to a dog. Just stream of consciousness narration of my activities. You know, in case the dog is interested, I guess.

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